A Glimpse of Pena Palace

What is the most colorful landmark you have visited?

Sintra was one of our favorite places to visit in Portugal. There we found Pena Palace, where we were blown away with the colors of this magical place. We only had a day to visit but made the most of it. This is a must-see if you end up in Lisbon. Could you imagine living here?

Pena Palace Sintra Portugal

Completed in 1854, this palace was the summer home of King Ferdinand and the royal family of Portugal. In 1899 the palace was purchased by the Portuguese state and later classified as a national monument and transformed into a museum.  It is now one of Portugal’s most visited monuments.

Pena Palace Sintra Portugal with Travel Kitties @shadykitties

Unlike many of the castle ruins we have encountered, this place is very well maintained as a fully intact and functional museum. The tiles along the sides of the building are very ornate and beautiful. If you know anything about Portugal, they love their tiles.

Pena Palace Sintra Portugal with tiles and flag

The Arch of the Triton at the entryway has so much detail with seashells and corals that Triton is sitting on. The arch is divided between the terrestrial world above and the aquatic world below including seaweeds and trees. It is one of the unique features of this castle.

The arch of Triton Pena Palace Sintra Portugal

This stained glass includes a picture of the building that it is a part of, and the glass itself is in the picture. How incredible is that? Stain-glass-ception. WOW! We were amazed at the detail involved in making this.

Stained Glass Pena Palace Sintra Portugal


Here is the spot where everyone takes their Instagram photo. We instead got this amazing shot when the crowd finally cleared for a moment. What an awesome view!

View from Pena Palace Sintra Portugal

Imagine seeing this view every day while being pampered by your minions.

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