Isla Tortuga Banana Boats and Snorkeling – Costa Rica

For my 40th birthday, I wanted to do something pretty awesome. I always enjoy doing some kind of boat ride whenever I travel. So we took this cruise from Puntarenas to Isla Tortuga. What a beautiful trip! The boat ride was nice with a loaded bar, a couple of mini pools to stay cool, and awesome views. It couldn’t get much better…… but it did get worse. I felt nauseous all morning and did my best to keep my stomach happy on the boat ride. Unfortunately, Brianna had to take the reigns and go snorkeling without me.

I spent some time relaxing on a nice beach and drinking water to help my stomach get back to normal. The sun and the warm breeze on a tropical beach was just what I needed. Meanwhile Brianna was out chasing fish underwater.  When she got back we had a typical Costa Rica meal with appetizers and drinks. That seemed to help me get out of my funk so I could enjoy the trip more. We saw deer, a peacock and even a little boar right near the beach. The birds were also beautiful. We will have pictures of these animals on her photography blog,

So after my fill of food, water, and wildlife I mustered up enough energy and did the banana boat ride. If you don’t know what these are, it is basically a big banana shaped boat that is towed by a motorboat and you hold on tight and go. It was a lot of fun! I’m typically afraid of being out on the open water like that, but this trip was about overcoming some fears as well with this and the zip-line adventure. Below is our video of this portion of the trip and I will have other Costa Rica videos coming soon.  Enjoy!

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