Have you ever zip-lined before? Not like this! – Costa Rica

For my 40th birthday, I knew I wanted to do something epic. I wanted something that would challenge my fears and push the limits of my comfort zone. While I have been zip-lining before, it was kind of like a ski run down the kids training slopes compared to this. My first impression was WOW! The views were incredible. It was beyond words that could adequately describe it. I was speeding over the jungle canopy 500+ feet below and could hardly breathe at times because of the wind combined with my speed. Brianna thought that her helmet would fall off, but the helmet wasn’t going anywhere.

Before going I was dreaming up things like “what if I get stuck on the cable somewhere?”, “what if the cable breaks”, and other silly thoughts. Those fears were somehow erased along with my ever present fear of heights on this day, and I was so glad for that. I enjoyed every minute of it and wanted to do more. Like all experiences in life, I find it important to just get out there and do it, especially if you are afraid of it.

At Arenal SkyTrek, you have views of nearby Lake Arenal as well as the mountain it is named after. Arenal Volcano is currently active, but not in an eruption phase, which stopped in 2010. There is still visible smoke piping out of the top. I imagine doing the zip-line with lava pouring down the sides of the mountain, and how cool that would be. I’ve always been fascinated with volcanoes growing up near Mt. St. Helens. Costa Rica has three very active volcanoes which was part of the draw of going there in the first place.

If you ever make it to Costa Rica, this zip-line experience is the highest in all of Costa Rica. Please check out my video below so you can know what to expect and continue to follow our travels before and during our upcoming world trip!  Thanks for your support.

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