Our Favorite Restaurant in 2018


We like to eat out quite often, and we tend to splurge more than we should. There are so many good restaurants that it is hard to pick a favorite. For us a restaurant is more than just the food it serves; it is also the experience. To be a favorite means that we enjoy our time there even without the food. A great restaurant has staff that is present when we need them, food that is timely and well prepared, and there’s a good atmosphere. The taste and quality also matters. After our Favorite Japanese Meal post, our favorite food shouldn’t surprise you. And that leads us to our favorite restaurant experience in 2018. Drum roll please….

Sushi Kashiba

When we went to Seattle for Brianna’s birthday we had an enjoyable time at a very high-end sushi restaurant. For special occasions, we like to treat each other to something special.

Sushi Kashiba is located near Pikes Place Market and has some of the best sushi we’ve had in the U.S. You know it is good when even those from Japan choose to dine there. When we walked in, we were already wowed at the atmosphere. Immediately we knew the quality was going to be good. The only thing was, I didn’t make a reservation. Oops!

Thankfully they were able to seat us anyway. We were able to enjoy some of the best sake we have ever had and a 5 course sushi dinner that was definitely worth drooling over. For a special occasion this was definitely the right place to be.


What is your all-time favorite restaurant?

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Our Favorite Restaurant of 2018 | BIG tiny World Travel | We just love to eat! It's so difficult to pick just one favorite restaurant out of an entire year of eating, but this one stood above the rest. Click to read all about it! | #travel #food #seattle #sushi #travelcouple #luxurytravel #finedining #cityfood

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