Chocolate animals at a fair in Modena, Italy

A Glimpse of Modena

What is the fastest car you have ever driven?

Modena is the place where many of the Italian fast cars come from. Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati are a few of the most well known. In fact, there is even a Ferrari Museum in this town for all the car enthusiasts. Modena also has much more with its beautiful parks, cathedrals, museums, and a palace. It also has live musicians playing in the streets and local festivals throughout the year. We stumbled on the Chocolate Festival, which we could not refuse.


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Pasteis de Nata in Porto, Portugal

A Glimpse of Portuguese Food

What local food did you enjoy most abroad?

One of our favorite reasons for travel is trying local food. It is an important part of getting to know a new culture and a chance to try something new. While we were in Portugal, we wanted to find some local favorites to try. We were impressed with what we found.

We did a walking tour in Porto, and we asked the guide for local food recommendations. He highly recommended we try this dish, the francesinha. We went to a nearby restaurant called Cafe Santiago, where we saw this monster dish that was sure to give us a heart attack. We decided to split one of these because of the size and were still full. SO GOOD!

Francesinha sandwich in Porto, Portugal

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A Glimpse of Cordero al Palo

What traditional foods have you fallen in love with during your travels?

Throughout our travels in Patagonia, we came across many restaurants with this common sight: entire lamb carcasses splayed in triplicate over slow-burning coals. This is called cordero al palo, and it is a very specific type of barbecue favored in the southern regions of both Chile and Argentina.


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A Culinary World Tour – 17 International Recipes

We’re all stuck at home now, so we can’t quite travel like we want to.  So instead, we’re taking a world trip from our kitchen!  We love food, and we eat far too much of it while we travel.  We were able to hit at least 20 countries before we were forced to come home, but our tastebuds fell in love with many new culinary delights along the way.  We’re working through replicating some of these international recipes at home, and we invite you to do the same.  Let’s take a gastronomical trip around the globe!

Rows of nata
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A Taste of German Pretzels

What type of pretzel do you like best?

What’s Germany without a few pretzels! Ranging in size and flavor, we tried a variety of these quintessential snacks. We had them large and doughy like a bagel, stuffed with meats and cheeses. We had them thin and crunchy, caramelized and rolled in sliced almonds. And of course we had the classic soft and salty.

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Celebrating Thanksgiving Abroad – Travel’s Influence on Our Traditions

Family are gathered, pies are baked, wine will soon flow, football is queued, and the bird is already releasing heavenly, succulent smells that will quickly infiltrate every corner of the house.  By the end of the day, tummies will be stuffed, the room will be full of laughter and games, and eventually, we’ll all pass out in a food coma before our first holiday movie of the year.

Does this sound like your home on Thanksgiving Day?

For us, Thanksgiving has always been about family, food, and celebration.  And while millions of Americans typically travel home for the holiday season, we’ve experienced the festivities abroad.  So how do we celebrate when so far from home?  And how has travel changed this American tradition for us?

© LotsaSmiles Photography 2015
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Our Favorite Restaurant in 2018

We like to eat out quite often, and we tend to splurge more than we should. There are so many good restaurants that it is hard to pick a favorite. For us a restaurant is more than just the food it serves; it is also the experience. To be a favorite means that we enjoy our time there even without the food. A great restaurant has staff that is present when we need them, food that is timely and well prepared, and there’s a good atmosphere. The taste and quality also matters. After our Favorite Japanese Meal post, our favorite food shouldn’t surprise you. And that leads us to our favorite restaurant experience in 2018. Drum roll please….seattle-1

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World Highlights: Our Favorite Japanese Meal

We’re toning back a bit on our blogging, as we’re now in crunch time before we leave for our big trip!  Therefore, enjoy full posts every other week, with quick travel highlights like these in the alternates.  Let us know what you think!  We’d love to know what your favorites are!

© LotsaSmiles Photography 2015

We had so much incredible food in Japan; how could we pick just one favorite?  While we loved the comforting ramen and drooled over the extravagant ryokan breakfast, one restaurant rose to the top, and it still makes my stomach grumble at the thought of it.

World Highlights: Our Favorite Japanese Meal | BIG tiny World Travel | We only travel to eat! Japan had some of best food we've had, but one restaurant rose above the rest! Check out our favorite from our visit. | #travel #travelcouple #internationalfood #traveltoeat #travelfood

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