A Glimpse of Howth Castle

What do you love to seek out when you travel?


When we aren’t otherwise chasing beautiful landscapes or diving into the local history, we love love love ruins. Just the way nature starts reclaiming what man once built, that beautiful decay. Picturing how it all looked long ago, what each room was used for. If walls could speak, right?

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A Glimpse of Howth

Do you love watching sail boats as much as we do?

Howth (pronounced like the “Hoth” of Star Wars, minus the tauntauns) was another day trip suggestion from our amazing couchsurfing host in Dublin, Ireland. This quaint marina town not only featured a thousand sails (no need for Helen of Troy), but we also found an old church ruin (complete with scenic graveyard) and a wonderful pier lined with musical buskers.

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40 Days in The British Isles: Preview

The UK and Ireland were not originally on our list for our world tour, as we knew they would be expensive countries. However, with enough house-sitting, we made the trip very affordable. Thankfully, this allowed us to stay for about a month and a half while seeing some top sites and even getting out into the countryside. Being in some English-speaking locations for a bit was refreshing. Seeing what felt like America’s great uncle was also fascinating as there were so many similarities. Here is a sampling of some places we visited and a short video with the highlights from this part of our world trip.

The London Eye

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