A Glimpse of Howth

Do you love watching sail boats as much as we do?

Howth (pronounced like the “Hoth” of Star Wars, minus the tauntauns) was another day trip suggestion from our amazing couchsurfing host in Dublin, Ireland. This quaint marina town not only featured a thousand sails (no need for Helen of Troy), but we also found an old church ruin (complete with scenic graveyard) and a wonderful pier lined with musical buskers.

We enjoyed walking up the hill to see the views of the harbor from above, and we continued all the way out to the tip of the rocky pier. Locals were picnicking next to the distant lighthouse, taking in the sun and admiring the small island just off the shore.

We even sampled some Hungarian langos at a local food stall!  Kind of like a cold pizza on a fried puff pastry, it wasn’t really Irish, but it was still super tasty!


And all the while, sailboats large and small meandered their way in and out of the docks. With all the rain we’d been having in Dublin, the sunshine was a welcome break. We even found another castle! ..but we’ll save that for another post!

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