A Glimpse of Couchsurfing Italy

Where have you found generosity in your travels?

We never intended on staying in Reggio Emilia as we intended on staying in Bologna. However, a Couchsurfer reached out to host us and it ended up being the best Italian cultural experience for us. Mama mia! During our travels, we have seen so much generosity, but in this case, it was above and beyond anything we had seen before. Our host was incredible! We were so fortunate to start time in Italy with this amazing person.


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Fried potato dumplings

A Glimpse of Italian Food

What Italian food do you like best?

Before going to Italy, we knew that food was one of our top priorities. We have always loved Italian food but wanted to try it in Italy to see how it compared to our American version. Thanks to our Couchsurfing host, we were lucky to try some homemade recipes. Food is an important part of the culture, and the perfect way to introduce us to Italy.

Aaron eating pizza in Bologna, Italy

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