A Glimpse of Couchsurfing Italy

Where have you found generosity in your travels?

We never intended on staying in Reggio Emilia as we intended on staying in Bologna. However, a Couchsurfer reached out to host us and it ended up being the best Italian cultural experience for us. Mama mia! During our travels, we have seen so much generosity, but in this case, it was above and beyond anything we had seen before. Our host was incredible! We were so fortunate to start time in Italy with this amazing person.


The Couchsurfing Experience

Our Couchsurfing host Giovanni offered to pick us up from the airport in Bologna. This was already above our expectations and Reggio Emilia is about 72km away from Bologna. Our flight also arrived at 11pm so this was very much appreciated, especially since it was rainy. We arrived and had a bed ready for us to crash upon. What we didn’t realize is that he gave up his own bed for us and he was sleeping in his office. The next morning he left us with a platter of breakfast items.


Each evening after work, he would take us around town or to a nearby city to walk the streets and have a meal. On the weekend days, he offered to take us to larger cities. One night when we had a second group of Couchsurfers, he made a homemade lasagna recipe. This wasn’t any lasagna, it was the best we had ever had in our lifetime. Homemade lasagna in Reggio Emilia, Italy

Think about how much this person is going out of their way for us. We kept trying to do things for him, but he refused. People like this give me more faith in humanity. As always, the human connection is far more important during travel than any monument, beach, or tourist attraction.

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