The Milan cathedral in Italy

A Glimpse of Milan Cathedral

What religious building have you visited that was the most interesting?

The Milan Cathedral was the highlight of the city and is the largest church in Italy. The cathedral took nearly six centuries to build as construction started in 1386 and finished in 1965. The ornate details on the building are incredible. It is no wonder it took so long to build. We enjoyed walking in the main square and seeing all the pigeons flying around. There were so many people there taking pictures, including us.

Column statue details on the Milan Cathedral in Italy

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Plant-covered apartment tower in Milan, Italy

A Glimpse of Milan

What is the most unique modern building you have visited?

Milan is an interesting city that is very modern with a taste of the old. It is the financial powerhouse of Italy and has swiss influence do to its proximity to Switzerland. We found the architecture there to be unique and unlike other European cities we have visited. It has a charm that more touristy cities like Rome do not have.

Glass ceiling in the indoor market in Milan, Italy

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