A Glimpse of Milan

What is the most unique modern building you have visited?

Milan is an interesting city that is very modern with a taste of the old. It is the financial powerhouse of Italy and has swiss influence do to its proximity to Switzerland. We found the architecture there to be unique and unlike other European cities we have visited. It has a charm that more touristy cities like Rome do not have.

Glass ceiling in the indoor market in Milan, Italy

We visited Milan in the fall and happened to have a sunny day. This is rare for this time of year as it seemed like endless rain in northern Italy.  This was a perfect day to wander the streets of Milan and see the unexpected. When we arrived, one of the first buildings we saw was this one covered in trees. We know the concept of green buildings and green roofs, but this seems over the top.

Plant-covered apartment tower in Milan, Italy

Would you like a round office? This building was impressive and modern. I’ve always been into architecture, both new and old. Especially when these two contrast each other.

Glass business tower in Milan, Italy

We love all seasons for different reasons and we’re thankful to have time to see some fall colors on such a lovely day.

People walking toward a garden in Milan, Italy

Coffee is everywhere in Milan, and we enjoyed this artistic display of coffee cups. They do not drink giant 16oz cups of coffee in Europe as much. These little cups are good enough.

Suspended decorated teacups in a coffee shop in Milan, Italy

There are bits of nature throughout the city with its many parks. These were refreshing after walking through the busier parts of town.

Autumn tree in a garden in Milan, Italy

As Milan is the fashion capital of Italy, they built this mall in the mid-1800s. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is fun just to walk through. We aren’t big spenders, especially when we are only carrying backpacks, but we are good at just looking at stuff.

Aaron standing in a moving crowd in the indoor market in Milan, Itlay

Like many places we visit, there is so much to see by looking up.

We went to Milan twice while in the area, and in the next glimpse, you will see part two with the cathedral.

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