A Glimpse of a Storm in Zadar

What storm blew you away?

While we were in Zadar Croatia, we enjoyed watching a storm come in. As the winds started picking up, the waves furiously spilled over the banks of the seawall. We had to be careful or else we were going to get wet. The pier was completely washed over with the waves and it would be very dangerous to walk on it. It was quite an amazing thing to see.


The waves poured right up the steps of the Sea Organ. The wind was so strong we could barely stay upright ourselves. Trying to keep our cameras steady was challenging, but we captured some glorious waves. It was crazy that just the day before we walked out to the end of the pier and now it was completely covered in water as the waves splashed over it.

While we were enjoying the show, a tree fell behind us. We heard a crash and boom and it startled us.

What a fun experience. We love watching storms come in on the coast and this was one of the best spots we have seen one.

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