A Glimpse of Zagreb Dolac Market

What kind of market do you like to visit?

The Dolac Market is near Zagreb’s main square and is known as ‘the belly of Zagreb’. It is a colorful open-air market full of lots of fresh produce, and other goods. We enjoyed the atmosphere of the place as it was nearing the Christmas season. We had hot wine as often as we could and loved the dough balls covered in chocolate. The locals love going to this market over the supermarket any day.

Spring toys at a outdoor market in Zagreb, Croatia

The trick to this place is to get there early because it is usually crowded. Locals prefer to go to Dolac Market to get fresh produce. Even though there are supermarkets, they generally prefer going to their favorite stands and getting their food.

Umbrellas at a outdoor market in Zagreb, Croatia

While we visited the Dolac Market, we found one of our favorite treats. Dough balls! What do we do at markets? INDULGE! We had these dough balls with some hot mulled wine and what we thought was a cookie. Then when we went to try the cookie we determined that it wasn’t really a cookie, it was a  Christmas ornament. What a serious disappointment. These hearts are commonly found all over Zagreb. Someone needs to get a cookie shop with this pattern and stop selling ornaments that look like them. We did love those balls covered with chocolate or caramel sauce. Yummy!

Fritule and hot wine at a outdoor market in Zagreb, Croatia

The market is open every day so you can easily stop by if you are in the center of Zagreb.

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