A Glimpse of Croatia’s Game of Thrones Filming Locations

What filming locations would you like to visit?

Being in Croatia, we had to see all the Game of Thrones filming locations we could. Especially in Dubrovnik, which was where most of the King’s Landing scenes were filmed. It was fun comparing the real-life places to the places in the film. It made visiting Croatia more of a scavenger hunt, but that was part of the fun. Let’s start with the place where the Mountain and the Red Viper battled to the death (Header photo). It didn’t end well! We are going to focus on some spots in Dubrovnik for this post.

Doors and stairs in a rocky hillside just outside of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Rector’s Palace

This palace was used in the scene where Daenerys asks the Spice King of Quarth of ships to take her army across the Narrow Sea. This spot is fascinating to see even without knowing about the scene.

The courtyard of the Rector's Palace in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Jesuit Staircase

From one of the most famous scenes in Game of Thrones, the Jesuit Staircase is where Cersei looked down at a crowd as a woman screams “shame” in her ear. Even early in the morning, it was difficult to get this spot empty, but we did it. I read that this was one of the most expensive scenes to film because the film crew had to pay all the restaurants, bars, and vendors the equivalence to a full day’s work to get rights to the area.

Dominican Monastery

These round steps served as a stage for preachers in Flea Bottom who were questioning the policies of the ruling family. Here there was a protest speech against the Lannisters.

Stairs to a church in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Fortress Lovrijenac

This fortress was mainly used as the Red Keep in King’s Landing where many scenes were filmed. Outside the Fortress is Blackwater Bay and King’s Landing Harbor.

The Ethnographic Museum

Scenes of the outside of Little Finger’s brothel were filmed at the Ethnographic Museum. We enjoyed this place both inside and out.

The entrance to the Ethnographic Museum in Dubrovnik, Croatia

The Pile Gate

This is the entrance and walls of King’s Landing. Near here is where Jaime returns to King’s Landing to visit Cersei.

The ramp at the entrance to Dubrovnik, Croatia

Our Thoughts

The benefit of the off-season is that we could see these spots empty and with reasonably pleasant weather. We enjoyed more than a dozen other filming locations that we already featured in previous glimpses, so check them out.

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