A Glimpse of Dubrovnik

What characteristics make you fall in love with a city?

Dubrovnik was a major draw to go to Croatia in the first place, and we found it to be way more interesting than we thought. We loved the medieval charm of this walled city and also having it nearly empty in November. The narrow alleyways, street cats, museums, fortresses, city walls, and troubled history made it a must-see destination. Dubrovnik is located on the Adriatic Sea and is a stunningly beautiful place to visit any time of year.

A sunset view of the city of Dubrovnik, Croatia

When we arrived in Dubrovnik, the weather was cool, and mostly sunny. With all the empty streets, we felt calm while walking around. These narrow alleyways stretch up and down both sides of the town and were fun to explore. We had a few peeks outside the city walls as well, which were fascinating. Imagine trying to get into this city from the sea with these high cliffs and walls in the way. Luckily we found the secret exit for this shot.

The evening light on the fortress is phenomenal and even more mystical at night.

We loved walking up the steps to the city gates of Dubrovnik. Also, while on the city walls we had some splendid views of the orange rooftops, palaces, and fortresses.

The city is home to many Game of Thrones filming locations. We are big fans so this was a real treat to be in King’s Landing.

A calico cat in Dubrovnik, Croatia

There were hundreds, if not thousands of street cats all around the city. The people of Croatia care deeply about them and leave little bowls of water and food out.

A sign in Dubrovnik, Croatia, that reads, "You call it King's Landing; We call it home."

Even though we do not live in Croatia, we call it our second home and really want to go back as soon as we can.

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