A Glimpse of Diocletian’s Palace

What filming locations would you want to visit?

Diocletian’s palace is one of the major highlights of Split Croatia. This palace is about 1700 years old, built during Roman times in 305 AD. The emperor Diocletian had the palace built in his name. The ruins are one of the most valuable surviving buildings of the Roman era.

An open dome of Diocletian's Palace in Split, Croatia

We love ruins, and this was an incredible place to be. In addition, we are huge Game of Thrones fans, and this is yet another filming location. The scenes from the Slave City of Meereen were filmed here. In the palace’s basement, the scene where Daenerys trained her dragons. Aaron even sat on the Iron Throne at a nearby gift shop. There is an entire museum dedicated to Game of Thrones here, but we opted to just visit the gift shop instead.

While exploring the palace, we came across a group of musicians singing in a very acoustic friendly circular entrance hall to the palace. That was a unique cultural experience.

This palace is a fascinating place to visit, and definitely a must if you are in Split.

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