A Glimpse of Marjan Hill

What city park did you find to be spectacular?

Marjan Hill in Split Croatia is a stunning place to see nature and the surrounding views of the city, nearby mountains, and the coastal waters of the Adriatic sea. More importantly, at least for Brianna, were the dozens of street cats on the hill. We walked hundreds of odd length steps to get up to the top of the hill where kitties were abundant. A gentleman was dumping out bags of cat kibble to keep them fed. Croatia knows how to take care of its street cats and kittens.


Marjan Hill is quite a climb from the city with a set of stairs that never seemed to end. They started on the city streets and then up into the park. The uneven pattern of taking 5 steps and then going up a few stairs was awkward.

Cats in an alley leading up to the top of the western hill in Split, Croatia

We made it up and enjoyed our workout in the process. We had to keep looking back at the stunning views behind us as we made our ascent.

At the top of the hill, we saw the flag of Croatia blowing in the wind and a platform for viewing. It was a terrific place to rest for a while after a good 45 minutes of walking.

The Croatian flag atop the western hill in Split, Croatia

We even caught a rainbow while we looked around.

After being at the viewing platform, we decided to keep going for a bit to see what was further up the trail. There we found this cross and some more killer views.

This is an amazing park, and I’d like to spend more time visiting it on our next trip. It is very large and can easily consume an entire afternoon. We pet a few kitties as they needed a little love. Brianna even brought cat treats.

Cats on the western hill in Split, Croatia

We loved visiting this park and want to explore even more of it next time.

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