A Glimpse of Herceg-Novi Montenegro

What inspires you most to travel?

Herceg-Novi Montenegro is a quaint little town that is nearly empty outside of the peak summer months. We visited in December and had it all to ourselves. This is where we stayed in a stone home watching three cats for a couple of weeks. It is a beautiful area, and we love the dramatic mountains along the bay.

The oceanside view of Herceg Novi in Montenegro

One of the unique places to visit is this Sea Fortress. Because of the off-season, it wasn’t open to visitors, but we still had fun walking on what little we could. Aaron worked hard to get into this position.

Aaron goofing off on a wall in old town Herceg Novi in Montenegro

We stopped by the Saint Michael Archangel Church after walking through some narrow streets. The weather was perfect for exploring the town, even though it was nearly winter.

We loved the views from above as the town is below the main road, you have to drive down into it. It is especially gorgeous at sunset.

There is only one main road through Herceg-Novi so be careful if there are any big events because traffic can be terrible, especially when there is construction. We spent an hour driving about 5 miles and realized after that we should have just dumped the car and walked. This isn’t necessarily common, but it was frustrating as we missed the event because we were too late. Luckily we heard it was more for kids, so we weren’t missing anything. Unfortunately, this happened on the way.


Because of all the traffic, we were rear-ended because the roads were slick from the rain. So we had to work with our rental car agency to get with the driver to settle it. Not something I wanted to do in a foreign country.

An old fortress in Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Overall, we loved visiting this cute little town. It was small enough to visit in a day and had enough variety to keep us occupied.

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