A Glimpse of Hostel Dalmatia

What place gave you a great sense of community?

When we visited Split Croatia, a couchsurfer offered to host us in nearby Slatine. Before arriving, we offered to pick them up near Omis at a hostel they were staying at. These people were some of the most generous and amazing people we met in Croatia. We felt like we had a bit of a real hostel experience even though we were only there for a few hours. It was such a breath of fresh air and a knock your socks off kind of place.

The view from the road just outside of Omis, Croatia

Near the Hostel Dalmatia, the water was warm in November, and the mountain views were stunning. I could spend a year there and forget about the rest of the world and all of my problems. Off the beaten track, this place is fantastic and unforgettable.

Best of all, we made some new friends that we hope to see again someday. Right after we met everyone at the hostel, we immediately connected almost as if we knew them for a long time and were just getting back together. Even now, we still occasionally drop them a line on WhatsApp.

A group of people jokingly playing instruments in a hostel in Omis, Croatia

The hosts were a couple with one from the U.K. and the other from France. English was not a problem. They were very curious about our travels and very open with us.

Aaron and Brianna posing at a lookout in Omis, Croatia

We walked down to the beach and played with some resident dogs of the hostel. We also shared many of our travel stories while enjoying the sunshine. Brianna decided to walk out into the water a little to see how it felt. It was definitely a lot warmer than our Oregon beaches, that is for sure.

Later that day, we went to nearby Omis with another Couchsurfer we met at the hostel. We spent the rest of the evening there until sunset, before picking up our hosts. Stay tuned for all the wonderful things we did in Omis in the next glimpse.

A sign over the door of a hostel in Omis, Croatia, that reads, "Where the mountains kiss the sea"

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