A Glimpse of Irish Bushwhacking

Have you ever had an impromptu off-trail adventure?

We didn’t plan on scaling a steep hillside. The Greystones to Bray cliff walk was supposed to a fairly gentle walk along the beautiful Irish shoreline.


However, we aren’t known for doing anything the easy way.

A couple of kilometers before we reached the town of Bray, we noticed an alluring ruin right off the trail, with a rather enticing set of stairs. How could we refuse?


The stairs led to a slightly elevated view of the trail and the old structure… but we noticed a faint trail continued onward… we had to see where it went!

Before we knew it we were many meters up this 45-degree incline, panting our way straight up next to an old stone wall. What had we done??


At this point, we knew only one thing: we really didn’t want to have to come back down this thing. Aaron looked at his map and saw this would eventually lead to Bray Head – the cross monument that overlooks Bray – though I remained doubtful. Ok then! We were COMMITTED!


Imagine our relief when we finally crested the top of the hill to espy the other trail that led to the cross! We made it!!

We spent some time enjoying the view, taking pictures, and cooling down from the exertion. From there, we could take the more official path straight down into Bray.


A bit more adventure than we had bargained for, but it makes for a fun story!

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