A Glimpse of El Tabo

How do you relax while traveling?

For those of you who have been with us for a while, you know that our favorite way to travel is with cat-sitting (if you want to learn more about it and other ways we get free accommodation all around the world, you can check it out here). We miss our kitties at home, and this is a great way to stock up on some much needed purrs.


Coming to South America, we knew our ultimate destination was Patagonia. However, we decided to explore Santiago and some of the surrounding areas first! And landing a cat-sit at the coast was a perfect way to do it!

In El Tabo, we slowed down a bit, completing some work and even hanging at the beach! We also found THE BEST pisco sours at a local restaurant and befriend the bartender (the only one there who spoke English, which she was happy to practice).


And we loved the house we were staying at. Located in a quiet neighborhood (aside from the noontime traditional siren), the modest house was surrounded by a massive garden. We also had a (very comfy) hammock and a fire pit at our disposal!

And of course, we had Chispo to keep us company!! He loves loves loves to go outside on his leash, and we happily obliged while watering the garden. He even kept us company while we worked outside on the porch. He’s also a next-level kneader, fluffing the blanket with all paws and a corner firmly in his teeth. We loved his little chirps.


Funny thing.. voice-to-text does not know what to do with the word “Chispo.” Instead, it’s converted to words like “cheeseball” or “cheeseboard.” So we started taking to calling this lovable floof “Cheeseball” or my personal favorite, “Chispo con queso.”


And yes, there are three pictures of him in this post because he’s just that photogenic. Besides, it’s all about the cats!


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