A Glimpse of Omis Croatia

What small town made you feel most at home while visiting?

Omis is a special place on the coast of Croatia south of Split. We went there with a new friend we made at a nearby hostel, and we enjoyed going to this small town. It was gorgeous at sunset and also had some incredible fortresses nearby. The one we climbed is Fortress Mirabella which is accessible by foot from the town. We love this place!

A view of the city from the fortress in Omis, Croatia

When we arrived in Omis, we had to stop by a local shop and get some burek because we were starving. Burek is a meat pastry that also has egg and cheese inside. They aren’t exactly healthy, but are inexpensive and are delicious and filling. It was enough to get us through our next jaunt up to the Mirabella Fortress nearby.

On our way up we saw these cute little fortress signs that helped us up the path. It was very easy to figure out where we had to go to get up there.

We climbed up the old walls of the fortress that had some terrific views of the nearby mountains, waterways, and the town of Omis below. There were also some street cats up there, because they are everywhere in Croatia.

We stayed for sunset before heading back to the hostel to pick up our couchsurfing hosts. The view from the fortress at sunset is one of my favorite sunsets on the trip. This is one of the most stunning places we visited in Croatia, and I can’t wait to go back.

Aaron and Brianna posing at the top of the fortress in Omis, Croatia

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