A Glimpse of Phoenix Park

What is the most memorable wildlife experience you’ve had within city limits?


One of the lesser-known spots to visit within Dublin is the beautiful Phoenix Park. At nearly 3 square miles, it is one of the largest capital city parks in Europe. It is known for housing the Wellington Monument (the largest obelisk in Europe) and the Dublin Zoo.


It has also been home to a large herd of deer since the 1600s. It is these residents that drew us here.


I didn’t expect to have an opportunity to use my wildlife lens in Dublin! Which is precisely why I didn’t have it on me that day…

Instead, I was forced to creep as close as I could without disturbing the deer. Fortunately, they are quite conditioned to humans gawking at them, so they were pretty mellow. I had no shortage of photo ops with these beautiful bucks!


This was unlike most of our city experiences, but that’s what made it so memorable!

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