A Glimpse of Split’s Riva Waterfront

Where do you like to relax outdoors?

The Riva Waterfront in Split is an area full of social gatherings and a public space for people to enjoy. We liked the number of benches situated throughout the waterfront, making it easy to find a spot to relax. The trees there help provide shade so we could get out of the sun for a while. Nearby are plenty of restaurants and scenic views of the harbor.

Boats moored at the waterfront in Split, Croatia

The area looks very modern with trash receptacles and benches everywhere. It was completely empty in this section too, making it a calm place to wander. This place stands right in front of Diocletian’s Palace that was once the home of the Roman emperor.

Trees and benches on the waterfront in Split, Croatia

The street cats were hanging around here too, looking for handouts and a bit of love. The local fisherman would throw a few fish out for them to eat. They know how to take care of these kitties in Split and they seem to eat better than our kitties at home with fresh raw fish.

A cat munching on a fish at the waterfront in Split, Croatia

Looking down at the water are these steps and beautiful turquoise blue water. In the summer, I’m sure people use these to swim or get off smaller boats.

Steps leading down into the water in Split, Croatia

There are so many restaurants along the Riva to enjoy some local cuisine and a beer.

We loved visiting the waterfront in Split, especially for sunset as it is such a fun place to be.

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