A Glimpse of Split Croatia

Which city’s old town fascinated you?

Split is a beautiful city in Croatia situated next to the Adriatic sea. It has an old town and many local attractions that make it worth visiting, especially during the off-season. With an old town full of history dating back nearly 2,700 years, there is a lot to see and do. Some structures that still exist are from the 3-5th centuries. If you like old ruins, beautiful coastlines, and culture, this is an excellent place to visit.

Looking out from the St. Domnius Cathedral in Split, Croatia

The old town is spectacular with the Saint Domnius Cathedral and bell tower. We spent a lot of time here looking for Game of Thrones filming locations and walked by a nearby themed museum and gift shop. Many scenes were filmed there.

We climbed 200 steps up the bell tower which has views in all directions and some very uneven and large stairs. The mountains are a stunning backdrop to the town.

The rocky hillside overlooking Split, Croatia, at dawn

There are so many narrow streets to walk down and many we had all to ourselves in November. The Christmas decorations were already up adding to the atmosphere. The walls and walkways are so old and beautiful.

A narrow alleyway in Split, CroatiaThe harbor is full of restaurants, walkways, palm trees, and a beautiful view of the sea.


A window grate looking out onto the waterfront in Split, Croatia

Nearby Marjan Hill is a place to escape the city streets and see some natural beauty. We saw dozens of street cats on the hill which made Brianna happy.

Many buildings had very ornate decorations and statues watching over them. Old Roman ruins are sprinkled through the city and it even has a big sign if you want that “I was here” photo.

This town is unique and we would love to spend more time there on our next visit. This is one of many cities in Croatia that makes us want to visit it again.

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    1. It is such an amazing place. We are planning to spend a month in Croatia on our next trip. We can’t wait to start traveling again but it will be a while for us Americans. Enjoy!

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