A Glimpse of the Perito Moreno Glacier Trek

What is the most beautiful hike or trek you’ve done?

Nothing prepares you for the stunning beauty of a glacier. It’s unlike anything else in the world – wild and jagged, timeless and graceful.


And the color! Ice cubes are clear, and one always pictures Antarctica as white. But this thousand-year-old-ice is a sparkling blue. It truly is a photographer’s dream.

We signed up for a Perito Moreno glacier trek on a whim, figuring we’d seldom have this kind of opportunity, and because we had missed the chance in Norway. We figured it was worth the rare splurge.


Unfortunately, our dad couldn’t join us, being just a few months too old for the company’s arbitrary age limit – despite his clearly superior health.


We were blessed with some gorgeous weather that morning, literally putting the ice in its best light. We strapped on some serious crampons and spent about an hour exploring the surface, navigating around crevasses and up ice steps. We dodged the many glacial pools (though we made a point to fill our water bottles with the pure water), and we admired the unique terrain.


At the end, our guide said he’d meet us at the bar. Sure enough, we rounded a bend to find a table lined with glasses. Each had some chunks of glacier ice, ready to receive a pour of whisky.

We even made a friend! She was heading the opposite direction, on her way to trek Torres Del Paine. She was also traveling with her Gumby gnome, who made fast friends with our little travel kitties!


It was a perfect day, and it gave me more “wow” photos than any other single day of our trip. Totally worth it!


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