A Glimpse of the Roman Forum

What place have you rushed through before it closed?

The Roman Forum is a plaza surrounded by ruins of ancient government buildings in the heart of Rome. By the time we entered the Roman Forum, we only had about an hour to check it out after visiting the Colosseum. We enjoyed walking along with the tall columns and other ruins. Some ruins date back to 500 B.C. when the Roman Republic started. Not as old as Stonehenge, but still very amazing to see.


We explored the forum quickly, getting some great photos of all the ruins.  At the end of the forum, we saw a gate and didn’t want to leave right away. So we started to walk back when an attendant told us, “sorry it is closed, proceed to the exit”.


On the clock, there was still over half an hour until closing time. We were frustrated because we wanted to go to Palatine Hill, which was part of our pass. So we stayed a little longer at the end of the park to get a few more photos in until we left.

Nearly half an hour later, we still saw people walking around in the forum, which just added to our aggravation. Oh well, next time we will just go there and to Palantine hill and skip the Colosseum.


Even with only an hour, we did a good job getting through most of the forum. However, we would like to spend more time taking in the details of this place on our next trip. We also missed Palantine Hill, which is also disappointing. So much to see, so little time.

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    1. That’s good you found the tour useful and informative! We aren’t big on guided tours, generally, but they can provide a lot of fascinating information you might not otherwise hear.

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