A Glimpse of the Zagreb Solar System

What unique scavenger hunt have you accomplished?

One unique thing we noticed in Zagreb is that they have monuments for the sun and all the planets scattered across town. What is great about this is that they built it to scale with similar sizes and distances in proportion to the real solar system.  The sun is in the center of town and very easy to find. However, it is a very long walk to Pluto that is 10km away from the sun. Let’s just say we walked to the closer planets of the solar system.

A tiny Earth representative in Zagreb, Croatia

A Croatian artist, Ivan Kožarić built a 2-meter diameter bronze sphere known as the “grounded sun” back in 1971. It was originally displayed in front of the Croatian National Theatre and later moved to the heart of downtown Zagreb in 1994. Metal, sphere-shaped monuments of the planets were later added in 2004 and scattered all over the city.

A tiny Mercury representation in Zagreb, Croatia

The solar system is called Nine Views and most of the planets are discoverable using online maps. Some were as tiny as a marble and very hard to find. We weren’t expecting them on the sides of buildings initially, but that is what most look like. Most of the time we went about our day in Zagreb and I would occasionally look at my map and see another nearby.  This was a fun little scavenger hunt to do passively. We got excited each time we found another planet.

Another monument to the sun and planets is in Zadar but on a much smaller scale. The place is called the Sun Salutation and was one of our favorite places in Zadar. You can look forward to that in another glimpse.

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