A Glimpse of the Sun Salutation

What light display impressed you most?

The Sun Salutation in Zadar, was one of our favorite places in Croatia. This light display is completely powered by the sun and it also powers half of all the lights in Zadar’s waterfront. On many nights we would just relax and watch the color patterns change on the sun and the planets. It consists of three hundred multi-layered glass plates covering a 22-meter diameter circle with solar modules underneath. How cool is that?

A cat sitting on the Sun Salutation in Zadar, Croatia

As the planner of most legs of our trip, I knew about this place before Brianna did. She was ecstatic once she found out about this place, especially when combined with the nearby Sea Organ. The whole area is one of the neatest displays of nature-powered art I’ve ever seen. The color patterns are constantly changing, so it was fun to see what happened next. Further down from the main installation are proportionally sized and distanced planets. Let’s just say Neptune was quite a walk from the sun and Pluto didn’t make the cut.

The Mars light as part of the Sun Salutation in Zadar, Croatia

Unfortunately for us, people have vandalized and damaged this installation in the past, so they fenced it off 5 months before we arrived. That really didn’t take much away except that we could not walk on it. It has many security cameras to help keep it safe, but it is sad that people would damage it in the first place. It is such a beautiful light display.

The Jupiter light as part of the Sun Salutation lit up in Zadar, Croatia

We have seen many light installations around the world but really enjoyed this one. Zadar is a special place so check this out while you are there.

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