A Glimpse of Tivat

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In Montenegro, our hosts introduced us to an Irish couple that gave us some tips on the area and showed us some outstanding places. Tivat was one of those places. We met them for some lunch before exploring the rest of the town. It is fun to walk, and we especially enjoyed getting close to nature at the Big City Park. Right on the water, Tivat also has some lovely beaches and a harbor full of enormous yachts.


The Big City Park had many pathways through a wooded forest. It was a refreshing way to spend part of our afternoon, and it is right near the city center.


The beaches here are exquisite and relaxing. We had fun on the rocky shoreline even on a cloudy day.

Tivat is very small and easy to walk around, so we did not need a car to visit. We enjoyed the charm of this town and its modern port. We found out the port was only recently added a few years ago and it made Tivat a tourist destination. In the off-season, it was nice and quiet. While we only spent half a day in Tivat, it was definitely worth visiting along with nearby Kotor.

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