A Glimpse of Zagreb 360° Observation Deck

What is the best view you had from the top of a building?

As part of our Zagreb Card (which worked just like the Frankfurt Card), we had access to the Zagreb 360° Observation Deck. We had coffee in the 16th-floor cafe and then enjoyed views from almost every angle. From there, we could see many of the top attractions of the city from above. Zagreb is in a beautiful city with a backdrop of mountains and architecture from the middle ages. This was a perfect viewing spot of the city.

The Zagreb 360 building in Zagreb, Croatia

Tall buildings aren’t all that common in Croatia, and the one we were in isn’t quite the tallest. The Zagreb Cathedral is the tallest building in the country, and you can see it well from the top of this building.

If you do not have a Zagreb card, the price to enter is 60kn ($9 USD) for adults and 30kn  (4.50 USD) for children over 3. If you see more than a couple museums and this, the Zagreb card is worth getting at 98kn ($14 USD) for 24 hours.

Trains passing on the street below the Zagreb 360 building in Zagreb, Croatia

Down below you can see the trams passing by. With transport included in the Zagreb cards, we used these and the buses to get around town. This was perfect as we tend to walk too much sometimes.

The coffee shop atop the Zagreb 360 building in Zagreb, Croatia

Inside the observation area, this cafe was a cozy spot to get a break from the cold and wind of winter outside. It was empty but we expect more people would show up for sunset, and have drinks. While we were there, it was mostly cloudy so sunset wasn’t a priority for this viewpoint.

The view of a narrow street from the Zagreb 360 building in Zagreb, Croatia

In the center of town, we did not see many cars. The rows of buildings below were built in the 16th and 17th centuries.

The funicular as seen from the Zagreb 360 building in Zagreb, Croatia

Down below there is a funicular which is the shortest cable car in the world. It leads to the Lotršćak Tower, which we also visited. Overall, this was a majestic place to get a view of the city from above.

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