Have you ever watched glassblowing?

Zadar has a collection of ancient glass from the time of the Roman Empire in the Museum of Ancient Glass. The glass collection was excavated at archaeological sites all over Croatia. The museum transported us back in time as we walked through this museum. It is amazing how some of these pieces stood the test of time and are mostly intact.

Old glass jars on display at the Museum of Ancient Glass in Zadar, Croatia

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The museum has thousands of objects and it is crazy that they could survive so many earthquakes and wars over the past several thousand years. Many pieces came from Roman cemeteries with cremated remains.

Old small glass jars on display at the Museum of Ancient Glass in Zadar, Croatia

The museum is housed in a 19th-century Cosmacendi Palace and has one of the largest collections of ancient glassware outside of Italy. Some of the most interesting pieces were used by Roman women to store essential oils and perfumes. There are also goblets, flasks, and other ceremonial glassware. Like many museums in Croatia, the displays are in English and Croatian.

They had live demonstrations of glass blowing and making replicas of some of the ancient glass pieces. The palace overlooks the harbor so we could enjoy some beautiful views when we were done.

A large ball of glass outside the Museum of Ancient Glass in Zadar, Croatia

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  1. This is so cool…you’d think that glass would be the last thing to survive all this time seeing as how it’s so easy to break, but that’s really interesting!

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