A Taste of Amsterdam

What’s the coolest bar you’ve been to?

Call us crazy, but we were actually somewhat underwhelmed by Amsterdam. Perhaps it’s because we had spent so much time already in its sister, Rotterdam, that it just didn’t amaze us all that much. Additionally, there were a LOT of people – most of them on bikes. We had to be careful to not get run over as we tried to walk the city.


Despite that, we had a lovely evening canal cruise, and we had some truly delicious Dutch pancakes. Our Servas host was also amazing, driving us around to some local windmills. We walked our feet raw (literally) wandering the many alleys and canals (perhaps we should have stopped into a coffee shop.. ;)).


Our main highlight was a slight splurge on Amsterdam’s famous Ice Bar. While it was mostly a gimmick, it was fun to lose ourselves in the Pirates-themed bar, donning the provided parkas to brave the Arctic for a few beers at -9 degrees celsius. Pro tip: don’t pay full price! We easily found discounts online that saved us a lot on the admission (which also comes with drinks).


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