A Taste of Den Haag

Where have you found awesome sculptures or statues?

Den Haag is another popular day trip from Rotterdam. We were fortunate enough to have some locals to go with us, and it was a lovely day!


Right from the start, we were greeted by a beautiful train station. We wandered the streets, admired the governmental buildings, and got lost in Chinatown.


We also spent a fair amount of time at the beach. Packed with people soaking in the warmer day, we explored the shops-packed pier and even sampled a fresh-made stroopwafel!


But our favorite part was these bronze sculptures. These Beeldenaan Zee (“sculptures by the sea”) are geometric cartoonish characters depicting fairytales and folk stories like the Hansel and Gretel, Moby Dick, and Gulliver’s Travels. There is also a giant “herring eater” – a comical representation of a typical Dutch herring-fanatic – and a “crying giant” meant to represent America post-9/11. Reminiscent of Vigeland Park in Oslo, each was intriguing and a bit disturbing.. perfect for a beachside sculpture garden!


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