A Taste of Cologne’s Graffiti

What have you found disappointing in your travels?

When we climbed the Cologne Cathedral, we were not deterred by the “no lift – no joke” sign nor the daunting prospect of 533 steps. As we ascended, we got ever loftier views of the city below, and we were mesmerized by the small ants going about their business below.


However, we noticed a ridiculous amount of graffiti in the stairwell. And we were completely dismayed to reach the top, only to find ourselves caged in. While it’s likely to keep people and items from a long fall, we noted that the thin mesh also conveniently blocked the way to previously graffitied spires and architectural ornaments. And every inch of the exposed surface within the cage was heavily vandalized. Why can people not just enjoy this historic monument without ruining it for others? The cage sadly made it difficult to take pictures of the scenery below.

We much preferred the alternative back on the ground, where several artists crafted amazing chalk art on the tiles. Much more pleasant to look at, and temporary – far less destructive!

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2 thoughts on “A Taste of Cologne’s Graffiti

  1. I once tried to take the stairs to the top of the Statue of Liberty – in the summer – UGH. It was so steep we literally had our noses in other peoples butts….and it was hotter than hell. So we turned around! Not worth it to peer through the crown!

    1. Wow! That sounds pretty miserable! It was still technically summer when we climbed the cathedral, but we went right when they opened, so crowds were still reasonable (as were temperatures)! I think you made the right choice. Not worth the agony!

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