A Taste of the Cube Houses

Would you sleep in a cube house?

The Cube Houses of Rotterdam are a fascinating example of modern architecture! In fact, it was a picture of these unique buildings that originally inspired our trip to the Netherlands.


They were originally built to mimic trees of a forest, and each cube is perched upon a hexagonal pillar to maximize the plaza space below. Though Rotterdam is famous for these cubes, a few test models still stand in Helmond, and a couple copycats exist in Toronto.

While the exterior is an optical illusion to look at, the interiors will really mess with your sense of gravity! We certainly wanted to check out the insides, so we happily paid the entry to the show cube. We also couldn’t pass up the opportunity to actually sleep in these geometrical wonders. Though it was more expensive than we like to pay for lodging, we sprung for two nights in the hostel housed within one of the larger “megacubes.” We don’t regret it.

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