A Taste of Londonderry

What border towns have left an impression on you?


Londonderry is a town on the border between Northern Ireland and its big brother to the south. It is known for being the epicenter of Irish conflict, but our visit was anything but hostile. In fact, we were humbled by the generosity of the people.


We stopped for some food in the mall, and we couldn’t find a water fountain with which to refill our bottles. We asked someone cleaning the tables, and she immediately dropped what she was doing, went to fetch us each a glass, and then insisted we sit to enjoy it.

Shortly afterwards, we stood too long at a map outside and were approached by a self-proclaimed “English Irishman” who offered to help. We asked him where we could find the Peace Bridge. He not only personally walked us the few blocks to where we could see it, but he also shared some of his stories from being in the military and gave us some insider tips on what else to see in the city.


We love these chance encounters with real people around the world, and they make our experiences truly memorable!

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