A Taste of Portadown

Have you ever been to Northern Ireland? What did you do there?

We hadn’t planned on going to Ireland on this trip, but once we were in London and saw a cat-sit pop up in Portadown, we couldn’t pass it up. While we weren’t based in the more bustling nearby Belfast, it proved an excellent central point from which we could explore.

The small town isn’t very exciting (though we did see a mall fire), but we enjoyed the quiet. Like our other house-sitting assignments, it was an opportunity to collect ourselves and catch up on some work (surprise! we DO still work on the road.. but it’s work we enjoy).


We took a lovely walk along the local river and picnicked next to a pedestrian bridge. We also rented a car for a couple of days to drive to some of Northern Ireland’s highlights (stay tuned for those in future posts!).

And of course, we got to spend some time with shy Lola (“Lola.. Lala la la Lola…”). She’s a super floofy cat and sweet, though she’ll spook at the slightest noise. She wouldn’t let us snuggle with her as much we would have liked, though she appreciated our lighting a fire for her :3


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