A Taste of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Where’s the coolest place you’ve seen a performance?

A trip to London isn’t complete with a visit to the famous Globe Theatre. However, contrary to popular belief, Shakespeare never actually performed in this theater. The original burned in a fire, and its replacement was closed down in 1642. This current Globe wasn’t built until 1997, just in time for my previous visit to London for a summer school trip in 1999.


As the trip was for theater students, we got a healthy dose of Shakespearean history (did you know he died on his birthday because he got so drunk he fell asleep outside and froze to death?). We went to Stratford, and we went to the Globe. I was so excited, I ensured I was the very first person of our group to go inside. I also insisted we amend our plans to actually see one of Shakespeare’s plays in the theater. The group agreed, and we saw Julius Caesar – proudly standing as peons, right next to the stage and in the London rain.


This time around, we passed on the tour (I had obviously already done it years ago, and Aaron was only lukewarm on the idea). We very seriously considered returning for one of the plays, but we ended up going to Greenwich instead (an excellent choice, IMO). But we obviously walked past to admire the historic symbol of the great Bard.

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4 thoughts on “A Taste of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

  1. We also saw a performance at the Globe. I can’t remember which play because it was so many years ago. The husband would remember but he’s asleep and it would take me too long to look it up in my travel journal, so there you go… it’ll have to remain a mystery! 🙂 It was definitely worth doing, though I’m not a big Shakespeare fan and wow, those hard bench seats were so uncomfortable after a while. Cool venue, though.

    1. Haha! A memorable play, I see! I bet the seats would have been hard to sit on. I seem to recall you could buy cushions (or at least you could in Shakespeare’s time!). I’m not big on Shakespeare, either, but it’s an experience! I’ll always remember I stood throughout the entire 3-hour performance of Julius Caesar in the rain XD
      Thanks for the nomination!

      1. Standing, especially in the rain, would have been worse. Yes, I think we passed on the cushion purchase. If we ever saw a performance again, I would definitely splurge on a cushion.
        You’re welcome!

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