A Glimpse of Belem Tower

What are some of the most memorable landmarks you’ve visited in your travels?

No Lisbon catalog is complete without some photos of the iconic Belem Tower. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, it serves as the unofficial gatekeeper of Lisbon. It was built to fortify the harbor, but it was left incomplete for many years when the original king who ordered it died.


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A Glimpse of the Fauna Trail

Have you ever found a secret or lesser-known hike?


Following our major 11- to 14-mile (depending on which device you believe) hike the previous day, we wanted to go easy on our poor sore legs. Therefore, we opted for another quick hike within Torres Del Paine National Park, one that would take us 1.5hrs each way out and back, culminating in some ancient rock paintings. Continue reading “A Glimpse of the Fauna Trail”

A Glimpse of the Bushmills Distillery

What is the oldest distillery, winery, or brewery you’ve visited?


We couldn’t drive right past the town of Bushmills without stopping in to the oldest operating distillery in the world. This place has been making high-quality, triple-distilled Irish whiskey for over 400 years!

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A Glimpse of Dunluce Castle

Where have you found awesome ruins with a view?


Dunluce Castle was our second stop on our mini day road trip along the Northern Ireland coast. By this point, the sun was out, and the views were superb!

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A Glimpse of the Museum of Free Derry

Where have you been that has the most interesting history?

We drove from our home base in Portadown to the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, to the city of Londonderry. Being a border town, it has witnessed a lot of tension between the two divisions of Ireland.

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A Taste of the Salisbury Cathedral

What’s a cool day-trip you’ve taken?

Most people bound for Stonehenge depart from London and stop off in the cute town of Salisbury. We came from Bristol, but since we had aspirations of catching sunset at the stones, we had plenty of time to kill in Salisbury.


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A Taste of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Where’s the coolest place you’ve seen a performance?

A trip to London isn’t complete with a visit to the famous Globe Theatre. However, contrary to popular belief, Shakespeare never actually performed in this theater. The original burned in a fire, and its replacement was closed down in 1642. This current Globe wasn’t built until 1997, just in time for my previous visit to London for a summer school trip in 1999.


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Portland: Historical Architecture

As a native of Portland, I have seen the city change quite a bit during my time here. Today there are more cranes than ever as the city is rapidly growing. It is almost difficult to walk the sidewalks with so much construction everywhere. Since I am a person who is fascinated with architecture, I set out to capture some older buildings. These buildings are beautiful in their own way and have a story.


Empty Streets Downtown Portland

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