A Taste of St. Dunstan in the East

Where are your favorite ruins?

St. Dunstan in the East is a beautiful church that was demolished during The Blitz of WWII. Instead of rebuilding, the shell was converted into a free outdoor garden. The church had already been through the Great Fire of London and structural challenges from the heavy nave roof. A garden seems like a great use for a structure that doesn’t seem destined for longevity.

This small church is one of the hidden secrets of London, and we were fortunate to have found it. As it also has no admission fee, it’s a perfect stop for the budget traveler!


We were fortunate to meet one of our site followers here. It was really exciting for us to have been an inspiration for someone online, become friends, and then actually meet them in person! And though they’re a London native, they had never been here! The joys of being a tourist in your own city!


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2 thoughts on “A Taste of St. Dunstan in the East

  1. So cool you got to meet a follower! There’s always new places to discover in London too, glad you got to experience a first with a native 😉

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