A Taste of the Garden at 120

What’s your favorite spot in London?


Being in London for so long, we found lots of spots to love! One of our favorites was atop the lesser known The Garden at 120. It’s free, like its sister, the Sky Garden, but it’s far less popular (and less crowded!). It also had a small coffee kiosk when we went, so we could sip on a drink while we soaked up the view.

This rooftop isn’t entirely glassed-in like its more popular neighbor, so we had wonderful views of the London skyline. Furthermore, it also features an actual garden full of shrubs, trellis-climbers, and apple, pear, and fig trees.


This spot was within an easy walk of the St. Dunstan in the East church, so it was an obvious choice to hang out with our London-local friend. It was so awesome to finally meet one of our readers in person!


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