A Taste of the Bath Circus and Royal Crescent

What is your favorite kind of architecture?


In Bath UK, two of the common attractions (besides the baths, themselves), are the Bath Circus and the Royal Crescent. Now, I’m a real sucker for patterns and symmetry, so I was excited to see them.


When seeing pictures online, however, I was confused as to the difference between the two. They both looked the same!


For others wondering the same: The Circus is a circle of townhomes surrounding a large roundabout and small lawn. The design was inspired by Stonehenge, and the circle has a similar diameter. It is considered one of the architectural masterpieces of Bath.


The Crescent is a series of townhomes in a much larger arch overlooking a wide lawn. The curving facade was actually built before the buildings behind it, providing a uniform look to the complex. The mismatched buildings behind it can be seen from other streets, but the front sure is impressive!


Both the Circus and the Crescent facade were built by the same architect – thus the uniformity – but they are two distinct places! We enjoyed visiting both.

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