A Taste of Carlisle

What kind of traveler are you? Go-go-go-go-go, do as little as possible, or something in between?

Carlisle was an opportunity for us to relax for a little bit. We have this nasty habit of trying to squeeze in far too many activities into a short time-span, making fatigue and burnout real problems. One of the things we love about house-sitting is the fact that it forces us to stay put for a while – often in a less-popular city.


Carlisle doesn’t have a lot to boast, aside from a castle, an ancient wall, and some beautiful parks. It could easily be a day-trip, though it isn’t usually on many tourists’ radars. We probably wouldn’t have wound up there, ourselves, if it weren’t for a cat-sit. However, it was the perfect place for some rest.


The lack of tourist activities actually allowed us to do nothing for a while. We got quite a bit of work done (though there’s always more to do!), and we enjoyed just spending time with two rambunctious tuxedo cats.

Billie-Sox spent most of his time outdoors, hiding from the kitten who was too young to join him. Marvel cycled through incessant mischief, terrorizing his brother, and completely passed out in my lap. I loved little Marvel, though he drove Aaron crazy with his antics.


We also got out to explore the city during the few dry spells. The path surrounding the Carlisle Castle was particularly pleasant, and we spent an entire morning exploring the adjacent Kingmoor Nature Reserve. We even got a touch of fall colors, though plenty of flowers also lined the path.

When traveling as hard as we do, it’s nice to have an excuse to do nothing.

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