A Taste of the Change of Guard

What ritual or tradition have you witnessed overseas?

London’s changing of the guard is an occasion of much pomp and show (this is England, after all!), but we love the tradition! We wanted to catch it while we were in town, because, why not?


But we aren’t huge fans of crowds. In searching for the best vantage points without getting trampled, we came across some insider info with some alternate suggestions – ones that avoided Buckingham Palace altogether.

Instead, we watched and photographed the guard setting up, enough to get our fill of red jackets and fluffy hats (though I wonder how they see while wearing them…). We also got to hear the band warming up with a few song selections, including the Pirates theme.


I even managed to catch one of them smiling! Who says these guards have no emotion?


We did also venture up to the palace, but not until the crowds dispersed somewhat. All-in-all, I think it was a much more pleasant experience!

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