A Taste of Westminster Abbey

Which landmark do you think of first when you picture London?

Westminster Abbey is one of the popular destinations for visitors of London. With gothic architecture similar to what we found at the Cologne Cathedral, it has so many intriguing details to admire.

It is a beautiful building that has been the site for coronations, royal weddings, and burials. It houses the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior, representing the many lives lost during the first World War and the only tomb upon which no one is permitted to step.



We weren’t able to go inside when we visited, because it was closed for renovations (one of the downsides to traveling off-season). But we did wander the exterior and took in the riverside views from Dean’s Yard. While there, we happened upon a happy engagement proposal (she said yes!) and applause from everyone in the vicinity. And as we left, I couldn’t help but offer to take their picture to immortalize the day, which they eagerly accepted.


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