A Taste of the Rotterdam Markthal

What kinds of markets do you like to visit?

If you wind up in Rotterdam, do yourself a favor and check out the really cool Markthal. Located right in the center of town (within spitting distance of the Cube Houses), this indoor market is a fascinating place to visit.


With dozens of vendors, the individual stalls offer everything from candies and ice cream to waffles and jamon. You’ll pay a premium for anything under this roof, so we’d advise you actually not buy anything, but even without purchasing, the architecture is worth seeing.

Besides the lines of vendors, the first thing you’ll notice upon entering is the massive mural that spans the entire arched ceiling. Depicting a scene of a bountiful harvest raining from the sky, visitors walk amongst giant tulips and caterpillars as though they were ants. And every time we looked up, we saw something new!


Fun fact: the huge glass windows on either end of the market are comprised of glass tiles hung in place with cables. At 34m by 42m, it is the largest glass window cable structure in Europe.


Also, if you visit, don’t miss the geometrically pleasing sets of escalators that access the 4-level parking garage below. We had fun just riding down to the bottom and back!

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