A Taste of Trafalgar Square

What is your favorite spot in London?

Trafalgar Square is a popular destination for those visiting the beautiful city of London. Like many central city squares, it is a hub for demonstrations, social gatherings, and holiday celebrations. In fact, about 15 million tourists visit this square every year!


When I was last at Trafalgar, the area was completely overrun with pigeons. In fact – so was my entire school group! But since the turn of the century, measures have been put in place to dissuade the once populous flock from hanging out there, including introducing birds of prey and forbidding feeding. It certainly had a different feel to it this time, but I understand the desire to preserve the monuments there that were being damaged by all the droppings.


This is also a place we’d love to see during the holidays sometime. Norway donates a massive (around 23m!) Christmas tree every year (and has since 1947) as a sign of gratitude for support during WWII, and it remains lit for the 24 days surrounding Christmas.


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4 thoughts on “A Taste of Trafalgar Square

    1. We haven’t been to Hampton Court, but we did go by the Tower of London! We didn’t go in this time around due to expenses, but it was a lovely day for a walk along the Thames!

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