A Taste of the London Eye

What’s the tallest Ferris wheel you’ve been on?


The magnificent London Eye is another thing that didn’t quite exist when I first visited London back in 1999. This Ferris wheel is now one of the most recognizable features of the London skyline (up there with Big Ben, of course).


The wheel takes about half an hour to make a full circuit, and it can hold 800 people in its 32 capsules (one for each of the London boroughs). It is called the city’s “eye” because from the top, visitors can see the entirety of the city, 25km in every direction. It was the tallest Ferris wheel in the world when it opened (at 135m), but it now ranks 4th (behind those in Nanchang, Singapore, and Las Vegas – the tallest at 168m).


We would have loved to take a ride, ourselves, but looking at the tickets, it was far too expensive. We just enjoyed the riverfront, instead, with street musicians and warm sunshine. We even had some frozen yogurt atop a converted double-decker bus! Although, I did have to explain to Aaron what “snog” means…


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