Kissing Crocodiles in Costa Rica

No, we never kissed a crocodile and don’t ever plan to. We did get the chance to pet one when we went on a crocodile tour down the Tarcoles river in Costa Rica. The tour was an unexpected part of our trip, but those usually are the best kind of adventures. We stopped to go look at the crocodiles from the highway bridge, but as soon as we parked, we were instantly approached by people offering a boat tour down the river. The decision to go wasn’t difficult and it became one of the highlights of our trip. We would highly recommend it if you happen to get down there. It was epic!

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These were massive crocodiles

These crocodiles are huge! The males can weigh over 1000 lbs, are as long as 22 ft. and can live up to around 70 years. Despite their heavy weight, they can move fast on land and water at up to 29 mph. So the message to “keep your hands and feet in the boat at all times” was very easy to follow. During the day the males are lounging around digesting their previous night’s meal so they are not as active. Which meant our guide could get out of the boat and mess around with them. These guys know what they are doing as they are professionals, and tourists are tasty so don’t ever go mess with them on your own. Females on the other hand were very active as they were out caring for their young. The babies were so cute and tiny compared to their mothers.

The Boat Ride

The boat ride was pleasant, and the guides were very informative speaking both English and Spanish. We would definitely do this again on our next trip! Here is the video of the tour so you can see our experience firsthand.

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